Epic X Goldwell’s Rising Stars

Goldwell Rising Stars

We are passionate about developing our apprentices and stylists to grow & thrive in our industry which is why we are so proud that two of our Epic stylists were selected in QLD in a group of 5 by Goldwell Australia to showcase their talents in Goldwell’s annual Rising Stars program. Our senior stylist Ella, located in our Fortitude Valley salon and apprentice Jasmine, located in our Everton Park salon location. Ella mentioned, “I was so excited to be a part of the Rising Star program this year. The overall experience was definitely once in a lifetime and I was blessed to do it this early in my career’. We love that we can offer the opportunities for our rising stars to extend their skills. Although our stylists extend their passion each day in salon, bringing an editorial look to life is a process that shines an amazing light on the hairdressing industry.

Epic Hair Designs Stylists recognised as Goldwell's Rising Stars
Goldwell Rising Stars

Ella created the above looks within her collection ‘beautiful depths’. The inspiration for her collection was the mythological tales of mermaids from ‘The Little Mermaid’. From this Ella worked on developing a ‘creepy yet breathtakingly beautiful look’. ‘To incorporate the theme Ella wanted her models to look as if ‘they had just crawled out of the ocean’.

Initially, Ella mentioned this wasn’t a technique she was confident in bringing to life although throughout training Ella created the look by using a section of our Goldwell gels and oils to sleek down the roots.

The technique behind Ella’s peachy coloured model:

“On my first model I did a stunning peach colour using Goldwell’s Elumen colour range. For her styling, I chose to do something simple yet very eye-catching. I used a selection of Goldwell gels and oils to slick down her roots, making this the wet style piece of the look. I prepped her hair with a messy wave which then I textured and teased on stage as a part of the show.

For my second model I chose to base the look mainly around the styling aspect as the focus. I chose to do an icy blonde on her to incorporate cool tones like the ocean. For her style I prepped her by curling and setting all of her hair. Then creating a crown by twisting and pinning her hair. I then created the focal point by making two big fishtail braids. For my on stage component I chose to do the wet styling of the face-framing pieces and sleeking it all down with a mixture of gels and glitter which definitely wowed the crowd!
It was such an honour to be a part of this amazing program and I would 100% recommended to any apprentice or senior who is looking for a creative challenge!”
-Ella, Senior stylist at Fortitude Valley
Goldwell Rising Stars
Epic Hair Designs Stylists recognised as Goldwell's Rising Stars
The technique behind Jasmine’s looks:

Jasmine mentioned the inspiration for her creations were Urban graffiti. “I focussed on Brisbane and Melbourne graffiti styles that showcased hidden, neutral tones alongside loud and bright colours”. The experience certainly made me get out of my comfort zone in trying new and challenging techniques and playing with colour combinations I otherwise wouldn’t have”.  “Being recognised as 1 in 5 in Queensland was incredible, especially being the only apprentice. I focussed on putting my best foot forward to be just as goof as all the other seniors that were selected.”

Goldwell Rising Stars is always an amazing opportunity for our group of stylists to develop and enrich their learnings and we are so proud that 2 out of the 5 selected in Queensland were selected from Epic Hair Designs.

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