Celeb Inspired Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs

If you’ve been toying with the idea of visiting us for curtain bangs, we have news: a new style is taking over, and it might be the most low-maintenance look yet. Welcome the ‘Wispy Bang’ to your hair inspo collection. Rather than a specific hairstyle, the term ‘wispy bangs’ are more of a guideline. Wispy bangs are truly a beautiful accent for any hair type and can offer you a whole lot more styling freedom, particularly if you’re not wanting to commit to a complete style overhaul. Wispy bangs can be really light and airy so this non-committal style really can be worn by anyone.

This look pairs perfectly with a wavy or choppy cut but it can work with any length of hair. “The textured feel really helps to draw more attention to your face and has an undeniably cool factor. For those with thicker, more texture hair, wispy bangs can easily break up the hair’s density around the face. For those with thinner hair, the wispy bangs can add shape to your mane all around the face. Inspired by the latest bang trends? Keep scrolling for the celeb inspired ways to wear curtain bangs that will have you ready to make the chop.

Textured Waves

Elizabeth Olsen’s bangs are the perfect complement to her layered haircut. The textured feel really helps to draw more attention to facial features and has an undeniably cool factor.

Perfect Highlights

Chrissy Teigen’s golden and caramel highlights act like a spotlight to showcase all the soft layers in her beautifully wispy fringe.

side swept bangs

Relaxed Updo

More dressy looks can really benefit from the wispy bangs trend. As one of the frontiers of the trends, Dakota Johnson proves time and time again.

Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs

Long and Wavy

As Steph Claire Smith so effortlessly demonstrates, sometimes a choppy fringe is the perfect accent to long lengths that need a refresh.

Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs

Low Ponytail

Talk about a fashion moment: Margot Robbie’s bangs debut at the Oscars was widely adored and frankly, were award-worthy themselves. This wispy fringe works to perfectly frame Margot’s face.

Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs

High Ponytail

Paired with a sky-high ponytail, Kerry Washington’s choppy and wispy bangs give off a lovely glam-rock vibe.

Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs

Choppy Bob

Naomi Watts choppy bob proves that any length of hair can work the wispy bang trend with the right texture.

Shoulder-Length Chic

Somewhere between a blunt bang and a wispy bang, Daisy Edgar-Jones’ suits this trend amazingly.

Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs

Dreamy Braid

Camila Cabello is rarely without her signature soft bangs. Paired with a long side braid, the look is begging to be worn on a night out.

Wispy and Wavy

Bangs and waves are a winning combination. The softness of a wispy bang with natural curls will highlight all that gorgeous texture.

Ways to Wear Curtain Bangs

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