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The best haircuts for fuss free styling

Making that salon look last as long as possible before attempting to recreate that fabulous hair at home can take time, effort and styling tools. We have listed the best haircuts for fuss-free styling so you can recreate your favourite salon look at home with no drama!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Show your special someone what their love means to you this Valentine’s Day. Shop our gift-guide or treat yourself with a hair transformation and pampering take-home products. Keep reading for the ultimate valentine’s day gift guide.

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Why a curtain fringe is the perfect hair upgrade Now Trending

Why a curtain fringe is the perfect hair upgrade

Curtain fringes solve one of the main problems with fringes in general which is there’s no going back once you’ve committed. Curtain fringes encourage the flexibility of a longer more sweepable style. It’s no wonder curtain fringe hairstyles are growing in popularity in salon and in the media. Check out the most iconic curtain fringes to inspire your next look.

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The biggest celeb hair transformations of 2020

Major hair switch-ups have become the new normal as a way for individuals to express themselves freely and mark change in their lives. Although we are used to seeing celebs change up their hair, there was definitely more of a trend towards statement haircuts and bold colour choices.

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Hairstyles to frame your face Now Trending

Hairstyles to frame your face

Finding a hairstyle you’ll love always means working with your favourite features. Hair truly has the power to contour your entire face shape which is why we want you to know that whatever features you want to work with, there is a hairstyle for you!

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5 Ways To Rejuvenate Dull Locks After Winter

We know a little self-care can do our mental health wonders, it’s important to feel amazing inside as well as out. Now Spring is here, no one wants to be caught with boring and dull winter hair that puts us in a bad mood. It’s time to rejuvenate winter locks and revamp your tresses for the warmer (and hopefully more social) months ahead! Here’s 5 things you can do to revitalise your look!

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