Caramel Latte Hair

[boc_heading alignment=”center”]ALSO KNOWN AS “BRONDE”[/boc_heading][boc_heading alignment=”center”]ITS THE PERFECT MIX OF WARM TONES FOR A BESPOKE LOOK THIS SEASON[/boc_heading]


Caramel Coloured Hair, also known as Bronde, is always going to be on trend. This particularly delicious-looking tone is a marriage of warm tones with hints of cream and butter blondes, swirled in with brown hues, brightening faces and adding dimension to flat colour hair. Celebrities who are really working this at the moment include Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston and Sarah-Jessica Parker. Mixing foil work and open air balayage is how this look is created, painting contrasting warm and cool tones and crafting face-framing highlights. The perfect bronde accents and brightens natural features and is a terrific option for those who want super low-maintenance hair.

Jennifer Lopez Bronde
Caramel Hair Brisbane Hairdresser


The key achieving this highly sort after colour is to have lots of your natural base colour showing through. The best way to nail this is to come in for a colour consultation before your appointment, this way we can assess the texture and integrity of your hair and what it can withstand, then make recommendation for the tone that suits your eye and skin tone. Subtle shimmers of a lighter shade will enhance your features as well as the movement and texture. Depending on the natural colour of your hair, clients with lighter hair could achieve this look with a quarter head or half head of foils where as a darker toned blonde or brunette would need half a head to a full head of foils. Depending on the desired result we would recommend a toner after foiling and treatment to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.


Also known as “Money Pieces”, lighter highlights of colour around the face is a common request when going Bronde. It is because lighter colour looks and feels more youthful and creates a more slender look around the face. Dark brown hair can have caramel or a lighter golden blonde around the face and those with naturally lighter hair look amazing with creamy or icy facial highlights. For those wanting natural looking facial highlights, opt for a colour that is close to the original colour, a few shades lighter will turn out perfect.

face framing highlights
Caramel Hair Brisbane Hairdresser


Highlighting creates stress on your hair, but if you have started with relatively healthy hair, it’s nothing a moisturising shampoo and conditioner with a good take home treatment can’t fix! Because the highlighted hair is not from the root, Brondes can go a little longer in between salon visits for a more lived in look. To keep the face-framing highlights fresh, appointments should be made every 6-8 week, depending on how fast the hair grows. Bronde’s can sometimes go brassy, so opt for a Shampoo and Conditioner that combats brassy tones and keep hair moisturised after each wash with a leave in treatment.

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