With the Brisbane Racing Carnival in full swing, let’s talk Millinery and Hair Trends

Race Day Hairstyles for Long Hair


Millinery is the old-time word for hat or fascinator which, let’s face it, is the fundamental building block of your entire race day look. This season we are seeing lots of different styles from traditional pieces, to subdued halo-inspired headbands and even trendy pony-tail scarfs. We’ve got the low-down on what’s trending and the best ways to style your tresses to suit your millinery pick this race season.


Whether it’s a fascinator or a beautiful hat, one of the most versatile and easy hairstyles to suit has to be the bun or roll! Wear it low or high, sleek or messy, small or big…

  • Prep wet hair with a heat protecting spray and blowdry. Depending on your desired finish, either straighten or curl hair. Hair in the image has been straightened for a smooth finish

  • Pull hair into a ponytail and secure. Use a small to medium sized hair donut to create a bun

  • Alternatively, sweep hair to one side and pin, then gathering and twist hair to the other side, tuck the top of the hair in the funnel created by the twist and pin to secure

Races Hair
Halo Headband with curls


… or the Halo, they are just so gorgeous! And when it comes to styling your hair to suit, you can’t go pass tousled curls or smooth locks left down and natural…

  • For a super sleek look, blowdry hair using a smoothing serum. Finish the look using an anti-static serum and straightening iron

  • For loose curls, blow dry hair using a texture spray a craft curls using either a straightener or curling wand and finish with hairspray

  • To keep hair looking tidy, smooth down the front of your hair using pins behind the ears which will be concealed once the headband is in place


Despite how effortlessly easy this look is to create, the finished product is ever so polished and chic. This look is perfect for those who are not into the traditional head pieces or headbands…

  • Start by blowdrying damp hair with a texturizing serum or spray. Once dry, smooth hair with a comb and begin to curl in sections

  • Opt for a middle or side part, pull into a tidy ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Secure any flyaways with some hairspray and pins

  • Finally, grab your scarf and get creative! You might want to tie it in a single knot or bow. If you find it starts to slip throughout the day, secure it by wrapping it once through your hair tie

The Ponytail Scarf


Shopping for and wearing a fascinator is no simple task. Not only do you need to find just the right piece that complements your look, but you’ll also need to style your spring racing hair in such a way as to seamlessly match your chosen fascinator. Whether your long hair is worn up, down, or in a side bun, long hair is ideal to create a stylish look on race day.

For a first-time attendee, try letting your locks loose, especially if they’re already wavy. Floral crown fascinators work best here. Begin by parting your hair down the middle and allowing shorter layers of your hair to frame your face. A little bit of spray to texturise and a quick blow-dry is all you need to achieve this simple look.


If floral designs aren’t your preferred choice of fascinator, a hat is a great way to stand out. Generally, bigger is better when it comes to race day hats. Pillbox hats and large brims are best worn with a side bun, but be sure to wear the hat first to see how it fits naturally.

Once you’ve decided on your structured hat style (including colour and texture) and how you’ll wear it, slick back your hair and comb it to achieve a little volume. Split into two sections, then twist it into a ponytail and then wrap it into a bun for the desired effect. This feminine style is quite comfortable to wear and is always a safe and classic choice.

Race Day Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short spring racing hair lends itself well to a range of millinery, so don’t feel left out of the fun just because you’ve got shorter hair. The caveat with shorter hair, however, is that your millinery will stand out much more, meaning that you’ll want to emphasise choosing a headpiece or hat that makes a statement.

short hairstyles for races


Two headbands that look classy yet feminine for short hair are jewelled crowns and big, bold bows. In particular, oversized bows are becoming trendy in fashion and come in a variety of colours, textures, and materials. Opt for a bow that either matches your race day or contrasts with your colour palette.

Try an oversized bow with a half updo look. Ensure that your hair hasn’t been freshly washed, then curl it with a generous amount of hairspray. Backcomb the top section, then pin your hair back from both sides. Wear your bow on top of your head to achieve a bold look.



Boater hats, pillbox hats, and percher hats are all classic choices for race day. For shorter hair, however, consider a hat that allows you to show some hair whilst complementing the rest of your outfit. Percher hats can be found with small or no brim, allowing you to showcase your beautiful hair. Try different styles until you find one that you like, then try it on as you’d wear it on race day.


Always endeavour to part your hair to the opposite side to which you intend to wear the hat. Percher hats look great with a traditional bun, but you can always try out a doughnut bun for a dramatic and bold look.

Race Day Hairstyles for Short Hair
races hairstyles for short hair



Short hair and fascinators go hand in hand, but some race day hairstyles will look more beautiful than others on race day. Always choose a style that matches your choice of fascinator well. For example, headbands and jewelled or contemporary crowns can be small enough to showcase your great hairstyle whilst looking elegant.


A common hairstyle that looks modern and classy is the sleek and straight style. Slick your hair back and apply plenty of strongholds hairspray before finishing the look with a crown, headband, or a mesh veil.



Shorter hair can stand out as voluminous with a relaxed look such as glam waves. If you need flexibility for your choice of millinery, this hairstyle lends itself well to all types of hats and headbands. This comfortable hairstyle is quite easy to achieve. With a curling wand or hair straightener, create curls and hold them together with plenty of hairsprays.

Chocolate Cake Hair
Jessica Alba Hair



A traditional, European-inspired hairstyle that looks wonderful with floral crowns and headbands, the milkmaid braid is trendy at the moment. Begin by sectioning your hair down the centre, then braiding loose, three-strand braids on either side. Finish by securing the braids atop your head.

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