Why you should use NECTAYA, Goldwell’s Ammonia-free hair colour.

By Sam - 14 Jun 2016

What’s Ammonia?

Ammonia is a common chemical found in many things from cleaning agents to refrigeration in food processing, however, one of it’s most regular uses is in hair dye. It’s primary role in hair colour is to open up the hair shaft so the dye can then go in and stay in the hair, giving you that long lasting ideal colour. However, the health of ones hair can be damaged by ammonia ability to change the structure, particularly if there is constant exposure to this treatment. Importantly, there is no evidence that ammonia causes cancer as it has not been labelled a carcinogen but due to the highly chemical nature of the product finding a Brisbane salon with ammonia-free hair products is recommended for cancer patients and those with similar illnesses. Therefore, ammonia-free hair products aren’t a trend or fad, but a necessity. These products are carefully created and only found in particular ammonia-free Brisbane salons

The Solution

In response to this issue, Goldwell have developed a premium ammonia-free colour, Nectaya. This revolutionary product is the result of 6 years of extensive research driven by dedication to colour perfection as well as striving for the healthiest solution. This resulted in a colour made up of 91% naturally derived ingredients with 7 patents pending. Benefits include:

•  Nurturing hair color – ammonia-free
• Noticeably healthier hair feeling
• Rich saturated color
• Guaranteed grey coverage – up to 100%
• Uncompromising performance of a permanent color: Up to 100% grey coverage and up to 3 levels of lift
• The first ever permanent hair color with patented IntraLipid™: to replenish lost lipids inside the hair
• Enriched with deep conditioning Argan Oil
• Cosmetic cream consistency with a 100 % natural fragrance
• Simple 2 step usage system



Book NowNECTAYA is the premium ammonia-free colour on the market and is essential for those with fragile health as well as providing a healthy alternative for anyone who wishes to colour their hair. You can visit any of our 8 Epic Hair Designs salons across Brisbane for a free consolation to come chat about ammonia-free hair dyes or you can book online by clicking the link.

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