Five mistakes everyone who isn’t a hairdresser makes

By Katie Norbury - 20 Oct 2016

Five mistakes everyone who isn’t a hairdresser makes




Chances are if you aren’t a hairdresser, you probably aren’t taking very good care of your hair. It’s complicated and confusing and to be honest I thought a simple shampoo and condition was enough… Apparently not.



First mistake: Store bought shampoo
When I’m not spending every dollar I earn on brunch, I like to be quite nifty with my money and shop for a really good bargain. The $3 shampoo and conditioner on sales at Coles really isn’t the way to go to save money. Now my hair is so damaged, I have to pay for additional treatments and it stunts its growth. After my visit to Epic Hair Designs, I have been advised what shampoo and conditioner is best for my hair type and the difference is undeniable.





Second mistake: Not using heat protection
I have very curly hair which I like to straighten, do I use heat protection? No. Do I have insanely damaged and dry hair? Yes. Curly hair is prone to dryness and burning it repeatedly without any form of protection is a huge no.

My life has been transformed since using KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex Creme (Heat-Activated Smoothing & Shaping) 150ml. You can purchase this product from any of our salons.  




Third mistake: Avoiding hair cuts at all cost
I want long luscious hair but letting my hair get so many split ends it literally cannot grow is not the way to do that. A regular cut keeps your hair healthy and allows it to grow. Who wants hair that is long but looks dead anyway?





Fourth mistake: Being too lazy to brush my hair
I know I’m beginning to sound like a slob now but anyone who has curly hair has to agree that brushing your hair when it’s curly is not ideal. We’re talking Hermionie Granger in the first movies, not the last and some days it could pass as Hagrid. Brushing your hair cleanses your hair, it eliminates waste materials from your hair and it makes it so much more shiny.





Fifth mistake: Home colouring my hair
I really saved my biggest mistake till last. It is the ultimate no, any hairdresser you tell this to has the same disappointed look on their face when you tell them what you did. No amount of “I’m sorry” will fix it, you did something bad and now you have to live with your mistake. Trust me, there’s a reason do it yourself kits are $10 and it isn’t good. Epic uses Olaplex which means your hair is being taken absolute care of when it is being coloured. This is not found in home colour kits… trust me.



After all my hair was able to be saved, and even if I do say so myself, it did turn out quite well.


Despite my huge hair mistakes, Epic Hair always make me feel welcome, laugh it off and fix up my nest of hair. The affordable service and incredible staff make every visit incredible and the complementary glass of wine also helps! Book in at one of the eight salons today.


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