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Epic Hair Designs values your privacy

Epic Hair Designs considers the guarding of your privacy as of the utmost importance. This Epic Hair Designs Policy states our policy on maintaining your privacy and handling your personal information. Personal information means information about an identifiable individual.

This Epic Hair Designs Policy relates to personal information we handle about our clients, visitors to our websites and other members of the public. Our personnel and job applicants can contact our human resources team for more information about their privacy.

Reasons for collecting information

Epic Hair Designs collects personal information which is necessary to conduct business with you.

Epic Hair Designs and its service providers may use your personal or business information and information you have supplied for purposes including to:

How we use your information

Epic Hair Designs uses and discloses your personal information and the information you supply in many ways necessary for us to do business together: product promotion, order fulfilment and identifying yourself in our salon.

Any questions please feel free to contact us. As we do have your personal information we take this responsibility very seriously.


Epic Hair Designs Survey

Dear Valued Client,
We are conducting a short survey for the benefit of our valued clientele, with five questions to improve the quality and service of Epic Hair Designs. All responses are anonymous and we highly value your honest opinion.
With much appreciation
Brendon Mann
Epic Hair Designs


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Balayage and Melts

28 Oct 2016

In Need of a Change? Balayage and melts are flawless, easy to maintain and have been stylish for years. Epic Hair Designs love this look and we want the best for your hair. We only use high quality products and go to any length to avoid damage to your precious hair. We have the most Goldwell Mast...

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    While rumour has it blondes do have more fun, the right blonde colour for your skin tone oozes luxury! No wonder so many Hollywood stars are turning to dazzling golds,…

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    Bronde is THE colour this season. But what colour is it? It is blonde? Nope. Is it brunette? Nope. It’s actually somewhere in between; hence its name. Ombre is taking…

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    ‘Tis definitely the season to have more fun … and what better hair colour shade to do that with than blonde? Lots of people ask ‘What is the perfect shade…

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    The Perfect Blonde You may hear this phrase often, but what really is the perfect blonde? It’s quite common for most clients to automatically assume this means an all-over white…

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    08 May 2015

    You may have seen the armies of “granny haired” men and women, who have been bombarding photo sharing forums like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook lately with a large variety of…

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