If you love your dark locks but feeling a little flat, here is some inspiration to take you from boring brown to ICONIC BRUNETTE

Iconic Brunette’s are never boring, they are sultry rich and engaging. And for the most head-turning brunette, it’s all about enhancing and not going too extreme! When refreshing your brunette locks, opt for shades within two above or below your natural color. You could go lighter, you could go darker it’s all up to you! Either way, as the colour experts we can help you decide what is going to work best for you in terms of your colouring and features.

1. Sandy Brown

Sandy brown is for those who want to stay brunette but go lighter. This look is perfect to soften angular features and generally yields a more golden tone therefore suiting warmer skin tones. Think Balayage, where the roots are darker and ends lighter. To give the colour an overall lighten, a Balayage Melt is ideal which mean the entire colour is lifted from the roots and gradually lighter towards the ends rather than a traditional Balayage.

long brunette hair colour2. Auburn

dark brunette hair colour

This colour is ideal for paler tones. This deep, almost cranberry-brown hue couldn’t be more flattering. Auburn is a really fun colour and looks amazing on Drew Barrymore.

3. Caramel Brown

Caramel Brown is crafted with a light brown base with add highlights around the face out to the ends, gradually getting lighter toward the tips of the layers. This is ideal for warmer skin tones as caramel can drown out those with paler skin. brunette hair colour

4. Ash Brown

Ash brown is universally flattering and very chic. Ash brown is what happens when brown hair and silver highlights love each other very much. What makes this look so versatile is the ability to tone the ash highlights custom to each person. Tones of purple or pink ash look wonderful of those with darker complexions, while a more washed out white blonde ash suits those with paler skin.dark brunette hair colour

5. Cool Brown

This colour has an grey tone to it and ideal for those with lighter skin

dark brunette hair colour

types including pink or peach. This colour is ideal if you love wearing silver

tone jewellery and also wonderful if you have a few grey hairs you want to hide/cover up.

dark brunette hair colour

Very dramatic and bold, think Kendall Jenner or Megan Fox. What’s great about this tone is that it suits both lighter and darker shades of skin. Kendall has olive undertones while Megan is quite pink yet both look like bombshells with Black Brown hair. This is quite a dramatic look so start the
process using a lighter shade and gradually go darker or to go this colour in one sitting ask us about using a fill colour as a base in order to avoid fading

7. Unconvention Brown

brunette hair colour

If you want to add something less natural but still classic to your hair like cherry blue and red, ultraviolet, then it is time you gave it a try. Next time you go to the salon, ask your colourist for something that would make your brunette hair more conspicuous to demand the attention it deserves. You will learn that unconventional brown is the way to go for any darker skin tones, since they can try the red and blue streaks. However, if you have pale skin, then you might consider pink and peach streaks. Whichever your skin pigmentation is, your professional stylist can always find something to spice up your brunette hair colour without messing up your innate beauty. Since extreme colour changes might fade really quickly, you can use some after-colour conditioner to maintain the touch for as long as you want. This colour is best for any event since the colours can match any environment if matched with the right attire.

8. Light Ash Brown

light brunette hair colourFor those who like to change their looks and add a touch of a fancy look to their beauty, light ash brown is the colour to consider. Just as the name suggests, this colour plays between blonde and brunette. Once you consult your professional hairdresser, they will check the tone of your skin and decide the best amount of brown to add to your hair. This colour can be worn by dark and pale skin. It works best for those with a calm appearance, which means you will have to stay calm and relaxed at all times to let the colour bring out the decency in you. If you want to go a little brown because you are tired of dark brown, let your hair specialist know, and they will do the miracle for you. Light Ash Brown has always been on the top of the list for women looking for something newer and sexier.

9. Bronde

cool brunette hair colourBronde is a perfect way to achieve both brown and dark hair at the same time. This unique hair colour is best achieved by using balayage. This colour is best for everyone. As long as your colourist knows the right amount of colour to add to your hair, you will get enough radiance and glow to your natural looks. For accuracy, the right tone should be about two to three times lighter than your natural brunette colour.


If you are looking for the best way to improve your brunette hair, you have the solution right here. From the above options, you can get what works best for you. It is important to inform your hairdresser on time so that they get ready to improve your looks as soon as you show up at the hair salon.

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