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6 Tips to Bring Your Hair Back to Life After Winter

Much like Thanos in the Avengers, winter can cause our hair to just snap! During the cooler months, many Aussies tend to get pretty friendly with their heating systems in order to maintain any sense of that nice warmth we’re so used to basking in. Combine this with blasts of icy-cold air from outside and you’ve got yourself a relentless recipe for dry hair. 

But don’t fret! If you’re pretty set on not letting your hair become a casualty to the winter snap then keep reading… Because we’ve got 6 tips to bring your hair back to life after winter! 

water dripping from leaf into glass

Make a conscience effort to drink plenty of water (at least two litres per day). This will not only keep your body hydrated, it will ensure your hair and scalp are healthy too which will strengthen and promote hair growth.

kerastase hair mask being used
2. Hair masks are your new best friend!

In addition to your normal hair care, try to fit in a deep-conditioning hair mask to your weekly routine to nourish and repair hair. Hair masks are specially formulated to deeply penetrate the hair shaft for an intense surge of hydration. We recommend Kérastase Résistance Masque Thérapiste Hair Mask.

woman getting out of shower after washing hair
3. Be sensible with your hair washing!

Shampoo cleans hair but it also strips the natural oils that help retain moisture and protection in your hair. So even though it can be tempting to keep grease at bay, make sure you’re not over doing it with the shampooing.  Try and wash your hair every 2 – 3 days instead.

EPIC TIP: Opt for Dry Shampoo in between washes to maintain a fresh look!

woman having her hair curled
4. Be mindful when using heat tools! 

Don’t forget to always use a thermal protectant when using a hair dryer, straightener or curler to keep hair cuticles from becoming damaged. We love KMS Therma Shape Hot Flex Spray.

Emily Ratajkowski with shining hair from kerastase hair serum
5. Don’t leave the leave in treatments behind! 

Hydrating hair products such as oils, moisturisers and serums go such a long way when trying to repair dry or damaged hair. Try incorporating one of our below favourites into your routine to notice the boost of vitality and shine within your hair. Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil, Kérastase Nutritive 8HR Magic Night Hair Serum, KMS Moistrepair Revival Creme.

sun shining through tree
6. Sun hair care is a must!  

Just like skin, we need to protect our hair from harsh UV rays especially in the Australian summer sun. Kérastase Soleil range offers effective protection, nourishment and shine to maintain healthy and hydrated hair.

Don’t let the winter hair blues rain on your parade this Summer, try following the above steps to bring some shine and bounce back into your hair and be the life of the party. All of the above recommended products can be found at any of our 16 Brisbane and Gold Coast salons. 

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