6 Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair

8 Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair

Our daily routines can certainly cause damage to our hair. We want you to feel equipped to take care of your hair so keep reading for the 6 rules to follow for healthy hair. Aggressive brushing, heat styling without protection and not applying the correct products to your hair are ways to inhibit healthy hair. Caring for your hair is essential and understanding if you’re doing it correctly is what matters. Here’s what we mean…

1. protect your hair from heat

It’s no secret that blowdrying or straightening your hair frequently can mean severe damage to your hair if you’re not using heat protection products. Depending on how your hair goals we have an array of heat protectors available to you that can be applied on wet or dry hair to protect your hair from the effects of heat. For a blowdry that will last we recommend applying your heat protection serum to your hair when wet and blow drying after you step out of the shower.


It’s worth us mentioning that using a straightener or curling iron on hair that hasn’t been cleansed is a big no when combating hair damages.The reason behind this is because natural build up of hair oils combined with a build up of other products in your hair can mean inevitable damage. Dry shampoos, texture sprays and any other styling products you may have been using most likely aren’t meant to have heat applied to them. We recommend cleansing your hair as normal, applying your heat protector and then proceeding to apply heat.

3. KNOW what your hair needs

Let’s get this straight once and for all, the hair care you choose to treat your hair with is vital. At Epic Hair Designs your stylist will prescribe your matched hair care routine after assessing your hair type, lifestyle, hairstyle and any damages. Our beautfiul array of products from Kerastase, Goldwell and Olaplex mean your stylist can customise your most luxurious hair care routine yet to target any concerns you may have!


Living in Queensland means this is almost impossible to avoid, and we know this! While we would never encourage passing up a trip to the beach, salt water and chlorine can have some harsh effects on our delicate strands. If you can, wear a swimming cap. If this isn’t going to work our advice is to enjoy the pool or the beach and then immediately rinse and cleanse your hair afterwards. We recommend applying your customised serum or oil to deeply condition and re balance the moisture in your hair. This will lock in a protective barrier to prevent any damage.

5. know how to prevent damage from colour

If you’re a consistent colour guest of ours you’ll know how passionate we are about applying Olaplex to your colours. We want to maintain your beautiful hair the best we can which is why we include Olaplex no.1 in your colour in our colour packages to ensure the chemical effects of the colour don’t damage your hair. A part of those colour packages includes Olaplex No.2 as a treatment which rebuilds broken bonds and protects hair from at times the damaging effects of colour. If you aren’t using a hair care routine at home and continuing to colour your hair we recommend visiting your local salon so we can customise yours today!

6. know how to HYDRATE YOUR HAIR

We know this might seem obvious but it’s worth repeating that without hydration formulated to you, your hair is prone to some serious breakage. An Epic hair care routine begins with one of our luxurious cleaners and conditioners that provide the correct amount of moisture for your hair. Your stylist will prescribe the best hair masque, heat protector and serum for you to use on your hair everyday. Trust us to create your best haircare ritual yet for smooth, shiny, healthy hair all year.

Thanks for reading ‘6 Rules To Follow For Healthy Hair’. We hope to see you in salon at any 1 of our various Brisbane or Hope Island salon locations soon.

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