1) Hair colour ruins your hair. 

While this claim may have held true 15 years ago, colouring products today are loaded with extra conditioners. Even bleach can be gentle if used properly, so don’t be fearful of colour – just always make sure you see a qualified professional.

2) Redheads can’t wear red lips. 

Emma Stone singly handedly disproves this ‘rule’, looking like a certified stunner with both a red lip and fiery locks.


3) Bangs shouldn’t be wavy. 

Bangs do not have to be stick straight, a bit of a wave can add volume to your fringe, and help to beautifully frame your face.

4) Don’t wear hair wet. 

While it’s best to avoid using elastics with metal, or styling your hair in up-do that is too tight whilst wet, it should be pretty obvious by now that we are fans of the wet hair look and advocate its inclusion in your everyday life.


5) Brushing your hair frequently is good for it. 

Over-brushing can strip your hair’s cuticle, leading to breakage and dull looking hair. However, gentle brushing?a few strokes here and there?will make hair shine by distributing the natural oils from the scalp down the hair shafts and flattening the cuticles to make them reflect more light.

6) Blow-dry your hair when it’s soaking wet.

After you wash your hair, you want to make sure to towel dry it has much as you possibly can. Your hair should be 60-to-65 percent dry before you even start to blowdry with a brush.