6 DIY Hair Trends NOT To Try At Home

DIY Hair Trends NOT To Try At Home

The temptation to change up your hair is always here, which is why we are listing the 6 DIY hair trends NOT to try while your home because we know you’re thinking about it! Trust us when we say these tips will save you an emergency trip to the hairdresser.

1.Do not colour your hair at home. 

Colouring your hair at home seems like a good idea at the time because of potential cost effectiveness. Although, the process of applying colour requires implementing detailed techniques to ensure even application to achieve desired expectations.

Here’s why

The understanding of the colour wheel and insight on different colours and pigments deeply changes the finished result. Since non-hair professionals aren’t trained to understand these details, results can be splotchy and uneven resulting a bad outcome. If enough dye isn’t applied there is also a risk of your look being too dark or light, inky, dull and not to mention dry and damaged.

DIY Hair Trends NOT To Try At Home
2. Do not cut a fringe… in fact no cutting at all.

The wrong pair of tools cause split ends. If you don’t have a pair of pro-level cutting scissors, cutting hair at home often leads to using kitchen or office scissors which have dull blades and create split ends. Professional, regular trims actually prevent split ends and keep your hair healthy. Possibly hurting the health of your hair combined with the result of needing your hair fixed means you’ll need a visit to the salon anyway. The skills and experience of our stylists means exceptional cuts are created first time without any corrections needing to be made. Yay!

DIY Hair Trends NOT To Try At Home
3.DIY Foils? The answer is no!

Unless you’re a pro stylist we do not recommended foiling your hair at home. These at home kits are infamously known as damaging and are known to create really uneven results. Applying foils rely on precise technique to create desired, even results. Pop into 1 of our 15 Brisbane salons so one of our Master Colourists can take care of all your colour dreams!

4. Toning hair at home?

Toning your hair at home can be fun however it’s important to understand that at home toners can be very difficult to remove. We know that supermarket brands can be really damaging. Toning hair in salon is always a professional result. For a seamless look pop into your local Epic Hair Designs salon.

changing hair looks
5. Don’t cut your partner’s or family member’s hair at home!

This will save your relationship…trust us! We see the cute temptation to cut your BF’s hair or even your children’s hair. Maybe you think its an easy cut because it’s short but we are here to let you know that a professional cut can save you all the drama of disappointment. Unless you’re planning out a buzz cut, angles and technique are crucial to maintain their look.

DIY Hair Trends NOT To Try At Home
6. Do not order home chemical straightening kits

These kits are really damaging and are known to just fry the ends of your hair and transform them into jelly. In salon our stylists perform Keratin Smoothing Treatments which are professionally applied and monitored with heat. The treatments create beautifully smooth, shiny results that calm tight curls for an anti-frizz affect. Most importantly, KKT’s in salon maintain the integrity and health of your hair.

So there you have it, our 6 DIY Hair Trends To Not Try At Home, we hope this means you wont need an emergency visit!

Thank you for reading. See you in salon soon.

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