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Guys! Give grey the flick! The party season is opening out and it’s time to spruce up for the festivities with maybe a style and cut, and how about a reshade? This will definitely appeal if you’ve noticed a few grey hairs sneaking through and you’d like to blend them back in, with natural grey reduction and without visible regrowth.

Touch up your crowning glory and bring out the boldness in you, with the fantastic Goldwell Men’s Reshade product!

Chances are you don’t need to recolour with long processing and obvious dyes or colours, when you can easily have your stylist apply this reshade foam at the basin and have it work in just five minutes! Add a quick blow dry and that’s all it takes for you to be looking visibly fresher and younger in minutes. This is sure to put you in a Merry Christmas mood and add a subtle and attractive hint of confidence and style.


So, men, if you’ve been thinking of colouring your hair think again and see your stylist at Epic Hair Design to match up the perfect shade of Goldwell Men’s Reshade for your hair. It’s the perfect solution, especially when you’re pressed for time, and is specifically designed for men. It is soft, transparent and natural looking, and fades out gradually so it is not obvious as the new roots come through. Other benefits of this product — it doesn’t leave any brassy tones and will give the hair a fuller, more luxurious appearance.

Give us a call (see bottom of webpage) or use our contact page to find details of our salons in Kenmore Newmarket, Springfield Lakes, Upper Mount Gravatt and Norman Park. Book in for a fabulous kick-off into the Christmas season, with a quick and simple men’s reshade treatment.

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