So you want to go blonde? Let’s do it!

here is what you need to know

Whatever Blonde tone you have in mind, Platinum, Sandy, Caramel, Strawberry or even Balayage, when it comes to going blonde it usually involves dramatic highlighting to the hair as well an up-keep and maintenance schedule that is pretty gruelling… we are talking weekly treatments and possibly monthly salon appointments here! And when we see our favourite celebs go brunette to blonde in the blink of an eye it’s easy to get swept up in the idea of having lighter locks in a heart beat, but sometimes it’s not that easy. Let’s quickly talk about the top 5 things you should know before going blonde…



And no… we are not trying to “toot our own” horn here, this is solid advice! When it comes to going blonde you need a professional to craft your new look and it is really important to avoid any DIY box dye kits. Going blonde is like a science so leave it to the experts. We have the professional ability to assess the integrity of your hair and make a call of how much highlighting it can handle, we will also mix the right colour and choose the best toner to suit your skin colour. DIY kits can do some serious damage to your hair so id you want to avoid hiding under a hat for months, make sure you come in for a 15 minute consult and we can create a plan of attack to get you to the perfect blonde!

Margot Robbie Blonde Hair
Jennifer Lawrence Blonde Hair


Sorry! We don’t want to scare you, but we want to be honest. Anytime you lift or lighten your hair there is always a risk of damage or dryness. How much damage depends on the current condition of your hair (which is why it is so important to have your colour done in salon) But don’t fret! Here at Epic, we use the ground breaking Olaplex system which goes hand-in-hand when it comes to blondes and highlights. Olaplex is a treatment that helps rebuild the broken bonds in hair caused by the lightening process. Hydrating repairing masks, oil treatments, and deep conditioners will be your new BFFs too!


Unfortunately, there’s no magic hair dye that will take super dark strands to white blonde in one day. For brunettes, it can take a few trips to get the perfect platinum shade (and possibly even longer if you have a build-up of colour) Going brunette to blonde in one sitting it a massive no-no! It puts too much stress and damage on the hair. Therefore depending on how dark your hair is, your initial visit to the salon will be around hair a day. Depending on the look you are after, your stylist will discuss the highlighting technique best suited to you as well as a toner. If you have existing colour build-up in your hair is will defiantly be an on-going process to get you to your desired colour.

Kylie Jenner Blonde Hair


Bleaching your hair can completely change it, depending on your original texture and how often you wash it. Sometimes curly hair becomes straighter, because your strands lose elasticity and dry out. On the flip side, straight hair can get more voluminous because your hair cuticles are roughed up by the dye. These changes might throw you for a loop if you’re used to styling your hair a certain way, and they may not happen overnight. Your new platinum ‘do will continue to change as you wash it more, so don’t be surprised if your natural curls suddenly go MIA one day.


If you’re a wash and go kind of girl who takes five minutes to get ready, bleached hair might not be for you. Expect to add 30 minutes to your morning routine, thanks to the additional conditioning and styling required. In terms of products, no doubt you will need a moisturising shampoo and conditioner, one that also combats brassiness. In terms of salon visits, depending on how fast your hair grows, you will be making appointments every 4-6 weeks for touch-ups. This is where Balayage (the gradual faded look from the roots to ends) can alleviate your time in the salon, however does require similar maintenance to keep locks healthy and moisturised.

Blonde Celebrity Hair

Tips for Going Blonde Professionally

Going Blonde

6. Going from Brunette to Blonde

Going from medium or dark brunette to blonde is quite a bold move. This means that you need some blonde tips to pull out that look. First, you must come up with a budget. It is a necessary action to take when working with a professional. And yes, the results will be faulty if you don’t get the right person. This is because remarkable skills are needed to ensure proper highlighting and toning for you to end up with the perfect blonde. Your skin tone will also determine how much bleaching will be done. The end results will only be fabulous if you keep those tips in mind.


7. Going from Black to Blonde

Before you make this decision, you need to understand that multiple sessions spanning from 4 to 6 weeks may be required for you to get the type of blonde locks you want. From our experience, virgin hair tends is more comfortable to work on than hair that has been processed with multiple dies may take longer. We sometimes tend to ask numerous questions for us to establish whether you are healthy enough to undergo the hair lightening process. But with a little bit of patience, you will be able to get the exact blonde you are seeking.

Tips to Go Blonde

8. Going from Dark Brown to Blonde

If you are bored with your dark brown hair and you would want to go a little lighter, then blonde should be your destination. Anyone giving you blonde hair tips will tell you that this process is a bit lengthy, tiresome and time-consuming. This is because going aggressive will only see your hair get damaged in the process, and that is something we don’t want you to undergo. You should, however, be ready to bleach your roots once every month. As your hair grows, the roots will end up darkening that’s why bleaching is necessary. Additionally, your hair will need regular toning and conditioning for it to remain glamorous.


9. Going from Red to Blonde

The shift from red to blonde requires your full cooperation. Why? First, this process involves gradually removing the red die before turning it to blonde, which is yet another process. The process is much easier if you are a natural read head. But if you are bottled up, the method above will apply. For us to achieve that perfect shade, you need to book more than one appointment. This will ensure minimum hair damage and remarkable results. You should also be ready to get a colour safe regimen.


10. Going from Green to Blonde

You might have dyed your hair green for some reason, but now you want it to go blonde. There is also a case where your blonde hair goes green. So if you wish to make it ombre blonde or icy blonde, you need to be very cautious. We often recommend that you only deal with professionals when handling such shades so that you don’t end up with a nightmare. For a swift transition with minimum damage, expect to visit the salon for a long time. The more relaxed you are about the whole process, the more incredible your blonde look will become.

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