10 Things Women With Fabulous Hair Do Every Day

10 Things Women With Fabulous Hair Do

If you feel as though you’re constantly struggling to style your mane each morning we are here to tell you that the answer likely lies within what your hair gets up to between salon visits. Good old-fashioned daily habits that make or break your hair. We’ve listed 10 Things Women With Fabulous Hair Do for you to take notice of next time you’re planning a night of self care.

1. Avoid heat styling as much as possible

Let’s be real, you have to use them sometimes. If you absolutely have to use heat tools (blow dryers, curling irons, wands, straighteners) to style your hair,  make sure you always apply a heat protectant. Whether you use a leave-in heat protector in wet hair or spray heat protection in dry hair- this is essential to prevent damage and breakage.

2. Keep your hair clean

We’re sure you’ve heard about the movement to not shampoo your hair to preserve natural oils but it’s essential to listen to your hair. Your Epic Hair Designs stylist will prescribe your hair care ritual will benefit from more frequent washing. Using hair care that’s customised to your concerns works to reduce split ends, provide needed moisture and gives hair an overall clean and shiny look.

Not sure how often to shampoo? Depending on your stylist’s specific recommendations, wash daily if you live in a city with pollution or humidity, or work out daily. Wash every few days if you live in a rural environment away from pollutants, or a dry climate. If your hair is normal or combination, with dry ends and oily roots, you should wash every other day.

3. Don’t forget to moisturise

The skin on your scalp requires moisture just like the skin on your face, this encourages a healthy foundation for hair to grow. A general recommendation is to condition your hair each time you shampoo. The moisturising shouldn’t end once you leave the shower. Even if you’re not heat-styling your hair, you should comb through a protective product to combat any concerns throughout the day. It can reduce frizz, dryness, split ends, and even protect the brightness of your colour.

4. Stay loyal to what works

It’s another popular misconception that by switching up your haircare brands that your hair will benefits because it never gets time to adapts, but experts disagree. Instead, we suggest discovering what works for you. Keep in mind, working with your Epic stylist to develop your hair care ritual will take all the guessing out of the equation. While it’s perfectly ok to change things up while your searching for that perfect combination that leaves you with #epic strands- once you find the combination don’t let it go.

5. Be gentle when brushing

Before you go ahead ripping a comb or brush through your strands, think twice about taking your time to be gentle. We recommend using a wide-toothed comb for particularly tangled lcoks, and always brush your hair from bottom to top to avoid creating more locks and breakage.

6. Book regular trims- even when growing out your hair

It can be tempting to skip seasonal trims when you’re focussing on growing out your hair, but to add healthy length you actually need to do the opposite! A haircut every six to eight weeks is necessary to prevent split ends from forming. What happens is when the split ends travels up the hair shaft, it becomes so thin that it breaks which is when people get breakage. Once your hair splits, there’s no going back, so make sure to keep it trimmed to prevent harmful breakage before it begins.

7. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins

For all the attention we pay to the hair follicle once it leaves the scalp, the battle can be already won by what you choose to put in your body. We know that what you eat plays a huge role in gloss, growth and volume of your hair. According to Dr. Robert Dorin, New York City- board-certified diplomat of the Amerian Board of Hair Restoration, “A diet rich in iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein will help to stimulate your follicles for growth.

10 Things Women With Fabulous Hair Do

8. Keep it cool in the shower

When you’re washing your hair it’s important to remember not to have the water too hot. Excess heat can work to blast the volume out of your hair, leaving you with limp locks. Instead, opt for warm water- this temp allows you to work a nice lather together while still remaining warm enough to rinse and clean the hair. When it comes to the final post-conditioner rinse, the colder the water the better. Colder water helps to lock in the nutrients for a beautiful, healthy finish.

10 Things Women With Fabulous Hair Do

9. Have your hair care ritual down

Depending on your hair goals and hair concerns, your Epic stylist is trained to diagnose your hair using our Kerastase hair camera. The camera and software system analyses your hair and scalp condition and helps to determine the best haircare ritual for you. When you’re using haircare that works to benefit your mane, you’ll begin to notice differences in the look and feel of your strands. We are here to help and want you to know that whichever concern your hair is facing, we are the experts! Our range of in salon treatment services combined with our stylists training and education and our luxury range of haircare from Olaplex, Goldwell and Kerastase have your set.

10 Things Women With Fabulous Hair Do

10. Protect your hair in the sun

Living in QLD where the sun rays are strong it’s crucial to note the impacts the sun has on our hair. We see the damages sun can have on skin but even though your hair suffers just as much it can be harder to assess. To prevent sun damage, we recommend applying a leave-in conditioning treatment every other day. Apply from the mid to lengths of the hair to help your hair deal with UV rays, wind and saltwater. If you’re heading to the beach we recommend upping your sun protection game to include the application of heat protectant with SPF. Follow this with reapplication, just like you would for your skin.

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