The Copper Look

redimage1For Decades copper hair tones have been stopping traffic. Celebrities around the globe have enjoyed an arrangement of different copper tones throughout the years. From the more modest subtle hues (Nicole Kidman – 2000-2014), Deep Earthy tones (Marcia Cross, Emma Stone) or more daring brighter shades (Nicole Kidman Pre 2000, Cynthia Nixon and Lucille Ball). If copper is the colour for you there are many different shades to choose from, and can suit many styles, skin and eye tones.

Get the proper, show-stopper and go copper!


Going Copper at Epic Hair

redimage2By using various foiling techniques our hairdressers at Epic Hair Designs are specifically trained in creating feature foils and flashes, or blending sun catching glimmers throughout the hair. Whichever suits your mood. For many compliments, copper is such a rich stunning all over/block colour. Add a bit of interest to brown hair by adding a slight hint of the copper, or stray away from the ash blondes to a lovely warmer strawberry blonde for winter. For the more daring, why not try a daring, striking bright copper.

If you think the copper look is for you then come down and visit any of our salons located all across Brisbane. When it comes to colour, our staff are the hairdressers to see with the most Goldwell Master Colourist qualifications in Brisbane and many more certifications, qualifications and experiences in perfecting colour for your hair! You can pop in and speak to any of our friendly and skilled staff or make a booking online.


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The Brunette Look

brownimage1 Turn mouth watering chocolate into mouth watering hair. Think of Dark Rich Lindt Chocolate, Mocha, Hazelnut, Coffee, Chestnut, Ginger and Caramels, Yum!! The flavors are endless.

Bow down to the perfect brown!

brownimage2Compliment a stylish blunt cut with a Shiny Rich shade of brown, or be admired like Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and ‘Our’ Princess Mary for their long lustrous locks cascading down their backs. Although for those who prefer the lighter shades similar to Jennifer love Hewitt and Angelina Jolie we have it all. Remember Jennifer Aniston’s famous hair, always brown although different shade variations? Well we can do that and any of those shades with our wide range of shades and expertly trained hairdressers. Whatever the tone you are after, our experienced staff are sure to help you get the best and beautiful brown.


The Epic Service

At Epic Hair Designs, we boast the most hairdressers with Goldwell Master Colourist qualifications in the state. What this means is that our staff are heavily trained and experienced in the art of hair colouring. Whether you’re after foils, flashes, blending, balayage, extensions, reshades, colours, cuts or simply keeping your hair healthy with amazing products and treatments, you can be guaranteed to feel reassured in our skilled hands. Therefore if you want to make that jump to a dark chocolate, get a brunette balayage or revitalise your already brown do then our Epic hairdressers will know how to treat your brown hair how it should be: with skill and respect.

When it comes to colour, our staff are the hairdressers to see with the most Goldwell Master Colourist qualifications in Brisbane and many more certifications, qualifications and experiences in perfecting colour for your hair! You can pop in to any of our 8 locations across Brisbane or make a booking online.


The Blonde Look

blondeimage1 Warm up the cooler months this year by freshening up your blonde locks with lovely caramel, honey and butterscotch hues.

These colors are increasing popular for those blondes who want to add a boost to their hair but still remain on the lighter more natural side of the color scale.

Use one to four different tones to contrast throughout your blonde, its up to you. Our hairdressers are highly trained in Balayage, Foiling, Stretching, Toning, Free hand Coming and streaking techniques to create the right look for you.

blondeimage2Wanna have more fun? Book an appointment now!

‘Mask’ your regrowth line by adding different colors through your blonde, it will keep your color looking fresher for longer.

To keep your colour luxurious and fresh finish with a colour saving leave in treatment. We also have a selection of take home products for your home maintenance and hair care.


Going Goldwell Blonde

You and your hair deserve only the best. Goldwell is a color system which we stand by. It provides optimum color reliability with the best possible protection for the hair.

With a wonderful range of 30 shades, 13 warm and 17 cool, you and your hairdresser are sure to pick the perfect color for you.


When it comes to colour, our staff are the hairdressers to see with the most Goldwell Master Colourist qualifications in Brisbane and many more certifications, qualifications and experiences in perfecting colour for your hair! You can pop in to any of our 8 locations across Brisbane or make a booking online.


The Balayage Look

balayageimage1Balayage is the technique used to create the Umbre look. To get the perfect sun-kissed highlights, you basically have two

options: traditional foil highlights and the newer, edgier “Balayage.” This technique creates very natural- looking highlights without developing a noticeable and obvious regrowth. A style that’s a bit edgy but still looks elegant and classy, balayage has been and always will be extremely popular with all the stars and for good reason!

Can’t decide on one colour? Why not have two!

Behind the Balayage

Balayage is a method of coloring which originated in Paris in the 1970’s. The word Balayage is French for ‘To Sweep” which is a reference to how the color is applied. In the 1990’s Balayage became extremely popular in the United States. Many Stars and Models (Sarah Jessica Parker, Helena Christianson, Drew Barrybalayageimage2more) use this process on their hair.

This process varies depending on the length of the hair and the desired result. You can expect to have individual strands coloured with a brush and a backing board. Some colourists like to separate their sections with cotton wool or foil, others tease the hair in sections first then freehand colour the ends.

Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders. It is extremely effective in curly hair which you can also use different colours to enhance a ‘Sparkle’ in the hair.

Inner beauty is fantastic … but a little Balayage can’t hurt!

So if you’re sold on the balayage then come in and visit any of our excellent staff. You can pop in to any of our 8 locations across Brisbane or make a booking online.


The Elumen Look

Epic Hair Designs now offers Elumen hair treatments. Our staff are experts in this colour service that is getting everyones attention and for good reason. With Elumen you can finally get the bright, show-stopping gorgeous colour you’ve always wanted without it fading and looking unhealthy in a few washes.

“Elumenate” your hair for endless compliments and confidence!

What is Elumen?

Elumen is a revolutionary product by our talented partners, Goldwell, designed for the dying, treatment and removal of particularly vibrant hair colours. There are 9 magnificent products that can be used. Elumen Hair Colour is a high-performance oxidant-free hair colour for extra muninious, shining and lasting hair colours that is without peroxide, ammonia and ammonia-odor. Elumen Clear is for softening the colour shades and creates a natural shine when used purely whilst containing no dye stuffs. Elumen Prepare is for those of us with bleached or highlifted hair. It is a special treatment used before colouring that optimizes the electric charges inside the hair, allowing the Elumen pigment to penetrate damaged hair more evenly. Elumen Lock is a genius product that reduces the washout rate of Elumen Hair Colour and therefore, increases durability and longevity. Elumen Clean is a gentle and thorough way to


remove skin staining from Elumen Hair Colour. Elumen Return is for when you are ready to try a new look for reduction or used for extensive removal directly after colouring with Elumen Hair Colour. Elumen Wash is a shampoo designed particularly for Elumen Hair Colour and helps protect the hair whilst reducing the wash out. Elumen Treat is to support the repairing effect of Elumen Hair Colour and helps keep your hair healthy while coloured. Finally, Elumen Care is a innovative spray that improves combability whilst taking extra care of porous hair. With a special combination of these products, Epic Hair Designs offers an extensive Elumen Hair Treatment to give you that glowing, colourful hair whilst still keeping it healthy.

Why Elumen?

To put it simply, Goldwell Elumen is a hair colour that eluminates the hair intensively from inside out to achieve intense, peerless results for colour professionals. It results in exceptional shine, remarkable durability, amazing healthy looking hair all with an intense and brilliant colour! It has up to 76% more colour intensity compared to standard oxidative permanent hair colours and still remains strong after 10 shampoos!


So if you can’t wait to take advantage of such intense colours with little damage then book an appointment to visit any of our lovely hairdressers today! Or simply pop on into any of our 8 convenient locations.

Epic and Professional colour

At Epic Hair Designs Brisbane, we believe you and your hair deserve only the best. Goldwell is a color system which we stand by. It provides optimum color reliability with the best possible protection for the hair. With a wonderful range of 14 shades, you and your hairdresser are sure to pick the perfect color for you.

To provide distinct beauty to your hair we have 3 optimum colour ranges, one of which is an effective take home colour refresher.

colour-chartSoft-ColourTopchic – Permanent

  • Improved intelligent technology in all shades.
  • The best Topchic colour grey coverage ever.
  • A break-through technology for ultimate durability in all cool browns.
  • Integrated intraLipid technology.

Colorance – Demi- Permanent

  • Delivers intensive shine and unbeatable condition.
  • Enhances natural hair colour.
  • Grey hair can be covered from up to 50-75%.
  • Previous coloured hair can be revitalized.
  • Improves hair structure by up to +35% by using patented IntraLIpid technology.

Soft Color – Semi-Permanent

  • Fast acting conditioning semi-permanent colour foam which effectively refreshes hair colour in-between salon visits.

Our Service

Also to provide your colour and hair with nourish and care, here at Epic hair Designs we also have an add-on service “instant color lock serum” available to our clients. This increases the life span of your colour by 22 washes! We also have a selection of take home products for your home maintenance and hair care.

With all of this on offer there is no excuse not to provide your hair with what it deserves. Don’t delay, pop down to one of our many Epic Hair Designs locations for you own personalized complimentary consultation from one of our friendly hairdressers today or make an easy online booking.

Hair Extensions in Brisbaneshowimage3

Are you dreaming of growing out your short bob into beautiful, long locks that will turn heads? No need to dream any longer. Get thick, long, luscious hair instantly with hair extensions that look and feel natural from Epic Hair Designs. For high-quality hair extensions Brisbane wide, Epic Hair Designs expert hairdressers use Showpony extensions to give you luscious locks instantly.
For any Showpony extension fans out there, you will be happy to know that we offer our Showpony range for the lowest prices you will find anywhere! No need to look for Showpony extensions anywhere else. All of our Epic Hair Design salons across Brisbane provide this service at a price you will love!
If you are looking to add length, volume and body to your hair, our hairdressers at Epic Hair Designs are experts at Showpony hair extensions Brisbane wide. Our hair salon experts have the skills to transform your thin or short hair into a vivacious mane of gorgeous, thick locks.

showimage1About Showpony Extensions

We only use the very best products at Epic Hair Designs, which is why we choose to use the reputable and highly popular Showpony extensions. Showpony is a well-known and popular brand of hair extensions. Not only are Showpony hair extensions used by many celebrities Australia wide, but Showpony hair extensions have also been used for many reputable fashion events including the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Pioneering a new movement in hair extensions, Showpony extensions are natural looking, consistently colour accurate, long-lasting and blend beautifully with your natural hair. At Epic Hair Designs, there are two different types of hair extensions Brisbane residents can take advantage of from Showpony. These include the traditional tape extensions and the new skin weft extensions. Both hair extension methods have their own benefits, so speak with one of our expert hairdressers to decide which option is best suited for you.

For the best quality extensions available at an amazing price that you won’t see anywhere else, look no further than Epic Hair Designs.

How Hair Extensions Can Be Used

Hair extensions can be used in a variety of ways to give you the perfect look. You may be surprised by the versatility hair extensions can provide. Take a look at some ideas below for some inspiration on how hair extensions can improve the look of your hair.

Thicker Hair

If you already have the length you desire but your hair is thinner than you would like, increase the volume of your hair by adding extensions. A half head of hair extensions is perfect to bring thickness and life back to your hair.

Add Colour without Colouring Your Hair

Like the idea of adding colour to your hair but you don’t want anything permanent? Rather than lightening or colouring your own hair, choose hair extensions instead. When coloured hair extensions are placed, they mimic foils without permanently changing the colour of your hair and the colour will blend with your natural hair effortlessly.

Longer Hair

Hair extensions are ideal and commonly used for adding much-needed length to your hair. Why bother waiting for your hair to grow out when you can get long hair instantly!

Add Volume to an Up style

Many beautiful and stylish up styles require thick hair to pull off the perfect look. If your hair does not have enough volume for the up-do you desire, hair extensions can be incorporated to add the wow factor you need.

Traditional Tape Hair Extensions

The traditional tape hair extensions method is a popular choice. The tape weft method of applying hair extensions involves sandwiching a small fine slice of your hair between two 4 inch weftsof extension. This method is ideal for many hair types and is especially suited to fine hair because the tape is almost see-through and lays extremely flat against the scalp. We use the traditional tape form of extensions above beads as they are less visible, much more comfortable and are less likely to fall out. Find out below why our customers keep coming back to achieve stellar hair results with traditional tape extensions.

The Benefits of Traditional Tape Hair Extensionsextensiont

Long Lasting

Traditional tape hair extensions typically last between 6 to 12 weeks, making them perfect for anyone looking for an extension method that lasts.


Hair extensions are something you have to live with all day every day, so they have to be comfortable. Tape hair extensions feel comfortable in your hair because they lay flat against your head.

Natural Look

Thanks to the transparent tape applying flat to the head, it makes it very difficult to see where the hair extensions are applied, providing a natural and seamless look.

Tape Extensions Can Be Reusable

Tape hair extensions are usually reusable. However, this is dependent on the hair quality. Usually, it is possible to re-tape them up to three times, but we recommend that you re-visit our salon for a maintenance appointment for a professional and great looking result.

Ease of Style

Generally traditional tape hair exertions are easier to style than many other methods, even when straightening or curling is involved. This is because these extensions are applied to the head so naturally.

High Quality

When you choose tape hair extensions from Showpony, you know they are of the highest quality. The tape form of hair extensions will also not damage your hair, unlike some other hair extension options. Keep your natural hair intact and undamaged. As long as your properly care for and groom your hair, the Showpony tape extensions will leave your hair in perfect condition while they are in place and during their removal.

New Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Looking for the latest and most effective form of hair extensions available? Consider the newest method of hair extensions for your next trip to the salon. Skin weft hair salons. Skin weft extensions are the newest way to apply extensions to your hair. This method is similar to traditional tape extensions, however, the hair goes to the top of the tape and comes out evenly down the width of the tape. The skin weft method creates a final result that is superior to current hair extension methods.

extensionwThe Benefits of Skin Weft Extensions

Discreet & Natural

Skin weft is currently the most invisible hair extension method available. It even rivals tape extensions for its discreetness. Because it is flat to the scalp and can be applied close to hairlines, these extensions are virtually undetectable. These extensions are well suited to fine hair because the extensions are much less visible.


These extensions can last from 12 to 24 months as long as you are caring for your hair appropriately. This is one of the longest lasting hair extension options available. Make sure to arrange maintenance appointments with us to keep your hair extensions looking fabulous.


Much like the traditional tape method, as the extensions are laid flat to the scalp, it is very comfortable to have these extensions in your hair.

Easy to Wear

No need to worry about your hair extensions falling out or becoming damaged due to styling. These hair extensions are durable and a permanent addition to you hair, making styling easy and effortless. Whether you are curling, straightening or creating an elaborate up-do, your skin weft extensions will blend with your hair seamlessly and stay in place.

Quick to Apply

Not only are skin weft extensions comfortable and long lasting, but they are also extremely quick and easy to apply to your hair. With one of our experienced stylists applying your hair extensions, you will be pleased to know that a full head of hair extensions will take less than an hour! You will be in and out of the salon in no time with a new hair transformation.


Want to add a little bit of colour to increase the vibrancy of your hair, or are you hoping to make a statement with a bold new colour? Whatever your colour aspirations are, we have Showpony hair extensions available in a wide range of colours.

No need to worry about a bold new colour looking unnatural or out of place in your hair because Showpony has a large range of colours which are two toned to give your hair a more natural look. Speak with one of our stylists to determine the best colour to achieve the look you are after.

How to Take Care of Your Extensions

Having great looking hair does not end at just having hair extensions applied by one of our highly skilled stylists. You have to take the time to maintain those locks also to keep them looking fabulous. A great moisture shampoo and conditioner is a must have to keep your extensions feeling nice and soft. It is also important for maintenance appointments to be made every 8 to 10 weeks with one of our salons to avoid any matting that may occur as your hair grows out.

When you visit one of our Epic Hair Designs salons and speak with our expert stylists, they will provide you with all the information you need to maintain your beautiful new mane of hair correctly.

Contact Epic Hair Designs for a Hair Extensions Brisbane Appointment

If you are looking for a salon that provides high-quality Showpony hair extensions Brisbane wide, turn to Epic Hair Designs. With salons in Kenmore, Newmarket, Springfield Lakes, Mount Gravatt and Norman Park, you are bound to find an Epic Hair Designs salon in a location near you. Give us a call and arrange an appointment near you, for a stunning new look with Showpony hair extensions this season!

The Short Look

Short1Kiera Knightly , Jada Pinket-Smith, Katie Holmes are just a handful of the many celebrities who have been trading in their long locks for an easier stylish short hairdo. For those with a busier lifestyle, short hair is ideal with many benefits. Imagine just jumping out of bed in the morning, adding a bit of product and off you go. With short hair you can either towel dry and tousle or simply fluff it with your fingers.

short2Show off your pretty face with short hair by adding some soft layers. You and your stylist can create a personalized look which can show off your best features or play down the ones you don’t like. By providing only the leading brands in hairdressing products, Goldwell, KMS, Moroccan oil, Olaplex and Nak, Epic Hair Designs have a wide selection of take home products to allow you to recreate your wonderful in salon look at home.

short3With all of this on offer there is no excuse not to provide your hair with what it deserves. Don’t delay pop down to your nearest Epic Hair Designs for your own personalized complimentary consultation with one of our hairdressers today.

The shorter the hair… the longer they stare

Why Short Hair?

You are not just keeping with this cool trend when you have your hair cut in this style – you also feel younger. The ever-growing popular Pixie Crop style is actually a perfect all-rounder that is easy to style in your daily routine. This is definitely simpler to spice up when you have to attend formal gatherings.

The problem nowadays is that, when you have long tresses, you are required to have a regular styling routine every morning and even at night. This is especially when you have a formal date to attend. Why struggle with that long and messy hair when you can have the ever-dashing Pixie style that will make heads turn?

Be ready to make your head bang with this epic hairstyle people are going crazy about. Don’t be left behind. Make your own choice and be happy once you see your divine reflection in the mirror after a haircut.


So if you want to meet with one of our talented hairdressers to loose those locks and go for the stylish short, then head down to 1 of our 8 locations across Brisbane. You can also simply book online.

The Medium-Length Look

Medium length hairstyles are the cut of the season. Where longer, classically glamorous styles used to rule, now the more practical, low-maintenance looks are taking over. From Alexa Chung’s grown-out bob to Kate Moss’ mussed-up bed-head, Whether you’ve got longer hair and are looking to go a bit shorter, or you already have medium length hair and you’re looking for chic ways to style it, our edit of the top celebrity hairstyles is worth a look. From long bobs to tousled layered looks, there are plenty of top hair trends to try for mid-length hair.

Not too long… Not too Short… Goldi’s lock’s were juuussttt right…

If it’s sleek and straight you’re after, channel Rita Ora’s party look, or if it’s tousled and natural, Jessica Alba’s new hairdo is a must-try. Emma Stone has been wowing on the red carpet recently with curled styles, from voluminous waves to retro-look ringlets. For thinner hair types, adding choppy layers gives plenty of volume and body, while for thicker hair, longer lengths and blunt cuts give shape and movement without being too heavy. Whatever your hair type or texture, there’s a medium-length style to suit all occasions, from work to weddings. Not only is it an A-List favourite but it’s v versatile and easy to style.

The Best Mid-Length Cut for You

The Bob

The long bob is trending right now. We’re talking a blunt cut just above the shoulders that’s not too blunt. Your hairdresser can stack layers in the back to add dimension. Another option is the asymmetric bob, where you have one side longer than the other, and also have it longer in the front and shorter in the back. Combined with a low, straight fringe, you’ve really got an edge. And your neck will definitely appear to have more length. For a more edgy look, your Epic stylist can thin out the ends with scissors or a razor.

ali-larter-shoulder-length-hairThe Shag

Let’s rock’n roll baby! Whether your hair is thick or thin, medium shag hairstyles offer a ton of possibilities. You can go for the straight rock chick look in the typical shag by asking for thick piece-y ends. Or you get your Epic stylist to flick out the ends and feather some layers in. Make sure your fringe is not too short and just skims the brows and not too long that you  always have to push your hair out of your eyes. If your hair is gorgeously thick, go for disconnected layering to bring about some movement, but only minimal.

Speaking of Layering…

There are so many ways to layer medium-length hair. Try shorter in the back and longer in the front, with a long fringe swept to the side. Overall, this look is lovely, pushing hair towards the face and framing it.  The opposite is the windswept look where you have longer layers that are shorter in the back and longer in front. If you’ve got curly hair, short to medium layers will help you manage your hair and keep it looking light. Even better, parting it on the side will give you a real carefree look.alexa-chung-shag

Choppy Lob

Now the fancy name for this is ‘chin-length undercut’. Think Sienna Miller. It’s a longish bob that is cut blunt and uniform without any layering and is great for thick hair with a natural wave. The ends can be chopped, meaning they vary in length to give that jagged look. If you want to look statuesque, this is the cut to go for. You can have a part in the middle or on the side – or no part at all! But for a smooth look, you’ll need your hair serum.

Thinking of joining the ranks of these fashionistas with a mid-length cut? then head down to 1 of our 8 locations across Brisbane to visit any of our friendly staff. You can also simply book online.


Long Length Hair Styles

Long hairstyles are classic and Chic.   Long hair can be incredibly versatile, you can wear it loose, in a plait, with braids; you can wear it up or with accessories, and you can try out many different colours and styles. Some of our celebrity inspirations include Kim Kardashian with her poker-straight locks, Lea Michele with her curly umbre ‘do, Blake Lively and her gorgeous blonde mane, and Rihanna with her ever-changing long hairstyles are just a few examples. If you don’t want to wait for your locks to get long then there is always Showpony Hair Extensions! Used for the Melbourne fashion festival and by many celebrities Australia wide, Showpony Hair Extensions are perfect to add length, volume and body to your hair.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, where do you get your hair done?

How to Wear Your Long Hair

Fringe: You can make an immediate Epic change simply by having a fringe – also called a bang! To start off you can try a side fringe – not a huge commitment but still a nice change. Your bangs are basically cut to be swept to the side. You can try a wispy fringe or something heavier, depending on your face shape and features. Your Epic stylists can help you make a wise decision. For those that like to surprise their friends with some real wow factor, have a “full fringe” cut in to add a real statement piece.

Facial framing: This means a slight layering of only the hair that falls directly around your face. It can be cut in soft and subtle, or choppy and textured. This will add a level of interest to the hair without being a major home styling commitment. It’s basically a face framing technique that adds texture without removing length – whew!

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge

Medium/long layers: If your hair has that “hanging” or “lifeless” feeling then adding layers throughout your style may just be the change you’ve been seeking. Layers are great for giving bounce back to curls and enhancing the natural movement of your hair.

Colour, braids, buns and quiffs: If you don’t want to go the way of fringes, texturising or layering, there’s still so much you can do. Think colour change, braids, buns and quiffs – where the front of your hair is held up and curves backwards to be tied in a ponytail. Sometimes called the ‘cheer hairstyle’ the quiff was usually associated with dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders. But it’s now a statement long hair style for that special occasion.

Come speak to our epic hairdressers to find out what style works best for you. You can book an appointment online or pop into any of our locations across Brisbane.


What is the best hairstyle for your face shape?

An important key to choosing the perfect haircut and style for is to know the shape of your face. A haircut that is perfect for your face shape will be flattering and bring out the best in your facial features. Don’t know your face shape? Well, get in front of that mirror and let’s sort this out!

Life isn’t perfect… But your hair can be

How to find out your face shape

Pull your hair back off your face and trace the outline of your face onto the mirror with an old lipstick or whiteboard marker. Now, is it long, oval, square, round, or heart/triangular shaped?

So now you know your face shape, what’s the best haircut and hair style for your face?


Blunt straight-across bangsBlunt Straight-across Bangs: If your oval face is a little long, straight bangs that just skim below or across the brow line can give an illusion of width, breaking up the length. The good ol’ flatiron will do a good job of keeping them blunt. Two longer pieces on either side can createBob with side bangs a softer look. (Just remember not to choose a style that’s going to cover up that lovely face.)

Bob with Side Bangs: A bob that grazes your collarbone and is set off with side-swept bangs will not only break up a long face but add softness. In fact, side-swept bangs can pretty much suit any face shape. These are a great option if you have those wonderfully annoying cowlicks or widow’s peaks.

Edgy ShoShort Cutrt Cut: If you want to be noticed, this is the cut. There’s nothing sexier and more feminine that showing off your neck and ears. Try layers through the front of your hair and bangs that finish at about the middle of your forehead. This is where a little styling wax or paste can help your style look piecey.


Straight and long: A square shape face is very strong and angular. It says, “I am a powerful woman!” If you want that message to keep strong then you can stay with very long and straight hair, which will emphasis your square strong jaw.

Wavy EndsWavy Ends: Most people with a square shape face would like to add some softness. If your hair is long you can achieve this with having waves from the ears down. How to get that look sported by Megan Fox? Use a large round brush to smooth your hair and then spritz on a wave spray.


Angled Bob: Try an angled cut with long pieces in front, which gradually get shorter toward the back. This cut has the effect of lengthening instead of widening the face. A mono-length would have the opposite effect and be too severe. The angled bob is also good for a round face.

Tousled ShagTousled Shag

A uneven cut with mixed lengths, a  shag, will give your hair body, emphasising layers and de-emphasising the squareness of your face.

 You’re only as good as your last haircut


If you have a round face, chances are you often receive remarks on how young you look! Or you may feel you look a little chubby. Never fear. If you want to look a little slimmer and more sophisticated, it’s amazing what a side part or a sleek, high ponytail or a chippy choppy pixie cut will do.

Sleek Ponytail:  If you have a round face, chances are your face might look a little chubby. Pulling your hair back into a sleek middle to high ponytail will prevent adding bulk around your face, slimming your face, and will add definition. Keep it nice and smooth, and not bouncy, and pull it back above the height of your ears.

Defined Pixie Uneven CutDefined Pixie: The popular pixie cut is certainly charming, with all the cute little pieces emphasising your cheekbones and eyes. It can balance out a stronger jawline too. Applying wax or a pomade will give definition and texture.

Uneven cut with mixed lengths: Parting you hair on the side, with long, side-swept bangs will certainly slim the appearance of your face. Combine that with an uneven cut with mixed lengths. If you prefer a centre part, grow your hair until it is just a few centimetres below your shoulders and make sure your layers end at the jawline.

Your hair is the ball gown you never take off


Bouncy BobBouncy Bob: Faces shaped like a triangle will be softened with hair that ends just below the jaw and has a little body to fill in that area around the chin and blur the chin line.

Deep Side Part: For long hair, it’s best to have a deep side part and then add some side-swept bangs. Boy, will your eyes pop! Go for long, layered waves with a few pieces of Long, Layered Waveshair falling between the ears and nose to fill in the chin area. Waves can be created, but only from the ears down.

Long, layered waves: Just as we mentioned above, allow a few pieces of hair to fall between the ears and nose. This will offset the width of your lovely ‘heart’. Longer layers again can fill in around your chin. Having your hair skimming your shoulders or just below will draw eyes away from your chinny chin chin and create balance! Keep waves, again, from the ears down. If you have full waves on top, that will only serve to emphasise the point at the bottom of your chin.


If you come into any of our 8 locations across Brisbane, our well trained and friendly staff will spend time making sure you are comfortable with the right cut for your look. Pop in or simply book online.

At Epic Hair Designs all of our lovely gent’s can treat themselves to a scalp massage, shampoo, cut, blowdry style & hot towel service all as a part of our style cut service. It’s just $35 for all this!

If long locks aren’t for you then don’t fear! Epic Hair Designs offers a scalp massage, shampoo, buzz cut and hot towel finish for the fantastic price of $22!

Disconnected or connected hairstyle?

Guys, have you been asked if you would like your hair style “disconnected”? Didn’t quite grasp what that meant? In recent times it has become very common for men to be quite particular with their hair. So to help you get the perfect cut we’ve put together an explanation of the difference between “disconnected” and “connected” haircuts. To clear things up, read more…


At Epic Hair Designs our stylists are experts in men’s hair styling and hair care. With 8 salons in Brisbane to choose from, we’ve got you covered. To save you time in this busy world, you can book online here or simply contact us on our Contact page:





Give grey the flick with American Crew’s fantastic product. They have recently improved and redone their Precision Blend Treatment for ultimate longevity of colour and reshading greys to maintain that natural colour.

So what is it?

If you are worried about those greys sneaking through then worry no more because this shampoo helps minimise colour loss by over 96%. This uses Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate and Glycerine colour fade out and restoring moisture to damaged hair for a prolonged effect.

Want to get the treatment?

Stopping your greys have never been easier with this simple process. It’s time efficient and you won’t have to lift a finger!

Preventing those greys in your hair is a quick process and as only an extra cost on top of your cut, you could even have a American Crew Grey Away treatment on your lunch break. So if you want any of our talented stylist helping you be gone with grey then visit any of our 8 salons today or make a booking online.



Foils are a fantastic way to highlight  your hair as they are very manageable and accurate upon application whilst still being subtle. This treatment includes a cut and up to 10 foils!

To get that younger and more youthful hair we provide some of the best colouring services in Queensland. Whether its for men or women, Epic Hair Designs boasts the most Goldwell Master Colourist in Queensland.

Colouring Mens Hair

For the more younger and youthful look many men are now coloring their hair. It is a growing trend for celebrities all over. Choose a block striking masculine colour, like Patrick Dempsys dark all over look. Or Add a few foils or Ballayage for that sun kissed look like Keith Urban.

How We Do It

To create a distinct look to your hair we have 4 optimum colour ranges, one of which is an effective take home colour refresher. These include the Mens Reshade, Topchic Permanent Colour and Colourance Demi-Permanent.

For more information on types of colouring, the processes and whether colour is right for you click here.

So if your thinking of getting that confident colour then pop down to your nearest Epic Hair Designs Salon for you own personalized complimentary consultation from one of our hairdressers today or you can easily make a booking online.

A subtle waxing to control those out of control brows. Look suave and neat with this service for only $16!

Also for just $16, our beard trimming service will touch up on your facial hair to maintain the tidiness of your beard while preserving its style.

cheers-to-free-beers-no-backgroundLast but absolutely not least, when you visit Epic Hair Designs you can receive complimentary refreshments of beer, wine, tea or coffee! We also offer snacks such as biscuits and cheese. On top of this, getting your hair treated doesn’t have to be boring: you can utilise our free iPads, Wifi or magazines while in the salon.

So if you like free beer while getting your beard or brows trimmed Epic Hair Designs seems like the salon to go to! By clicking the button you can book at any of our 8 locations across Brisbane for an appointment or simply just get a free consultation from any of our expert stylist.

Getting Your Wedding Look

weddingimage1For one of the most memorable days of yours or a loved ones life whether you’re getting married, being a bridesmaid, a flowergirl or simply the guest of honour at a wedding, we’ve got the perfect wedding hairstyles for you – from classic up-dos to Boho down-dos.

Come relax, enjoy a glass of champagne if you like, and pass the reigns over to Epic Hair Designs, together we will find a unique style to suit yourself, your wedding party and guests.

weddingimage3Be inspired by your dress. Backless, Strapless, Halter, Sweat heart, Straps. There is a style to compliment every dress. Add a little Headpiece, sparkles or flowers to your hair.

Colour is also important on your big day so don’t forget to speak to your hairdresser about our Lustrous Glosses, Brilliant Blonde Express toning, regrowth touch ups, Or give your hair that sun kissed look by adding a few foils through the hair which looks beautiful through curls. A trim is also essential so your ends are lovely finished off. And finally an intense moisturizing treatment to give your hair the final nourishment it needs. With these services it is always best to have 2 weeks before the day to give it a chance to settle.

For a fuller look don’t be afraid to experiment a little with our Cinderella hairpieces. Add a little length if you like, or just a little thickness. You also have the option of clip ins for a hint of dimensional colour.

In The Salon

Check one thing off your list and visit your nearest Epic Hair Designs today for your personalized complimentary consultation by one of our experienced Hairdressers. For wedding parties we will also try to book you all together at the same time so you can share the experience. Don’t forget we have 8 salons across Brisbane so if one of your bridal party needs a close salon they can go to that one. You can pop in for a free consultation or book online today.


Your Formal Look

formalimage1 After a Romantic, trendy or classic hairstyle for your big night! Whatever your vibe is, there is a hairstyle to match your formal look.

With so many fabulous styles for you to choose from it can be overwhelming. Make your decision easier by finding a style not only to suit your dress and personality but also your facial features. Let us inspire you!

formalimage2Planning on Dancing the night away? – If this sounds like you, off your face up styles would be ideal so you are free to dance around without the risk of your hair getting in your way.

  • Stunning Vintage- be inspired by the 30’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s with hairstyles that hold the test of time
  • Romantic loose curls. Let us create that soft classic romantic look whether it is using your natural curls or adding them with hot rollers, or curling irons.
  • for off your face try pinned curls or……
  • Side Swept Hairstyles and not to be forgotten Braids are in!

In The Salon

With all of this as only the beginning of your inspiration, pop on down to your nearest Epic Hair Designs for your own personalized complimentary consultation from one of our hairdressers today or feel free to simply make a booking online.

A Blowout Look

A blowout can create endless looks for healthy, stylish looking hair. With a combination of the fantastic GHD Air Dryer and our expertly trained staff, Epic Hair Designs is the right place to go to treat yourself to a fantastic blow out which can help with any of the following styles.


The Classic Blowout is perfect for that last minute do before the party that gives your hair volume and body that lasts. If your one of those girls with curls then a blowout is ideal for maintaining the big bouncy volume of your hair whilst keeping a natural look. However, if your after  straight and sleek look then getting an Epic blowout service will make you look fierce and stylish as ever. Cascading curls and waves are traditionally one of the best executed looks with a blowout service with beautiful, natural looking locks flowing down your hair. Also, Updo’s can be perfected with this blowout service. In particular a beautiful braid or a classic chignon is the best way to go! For those ladies with short hair do not worry! You aren’t left out of the blowout trend as a professional style can give your hair a new new look and add that extra bounce to it! Lastly, you can never go wrong with the traditional ponytail, loose or structured, high or low, chic or playful, a blowout service will take your ponytail to that next level.


In The Salon

Epic Hair Designs proudly introduces our very own BlowDry Club across all of our 8 Brisbane Salons. Not only are we a premier colour salon with extensive training and qualifications but now we boast an exclusive, flexible and affordable way to get unlimited access to Blow Dry services whenever you please. With two different types of memberships this program offers a variety of ways to go about becoming a member, however, it is restricted to 12 per salon so time is of the essence if you want that perfect blow out! Read more about it here.

With 8 locations across Brisbane, you are bound to find a salon near you to pop in and treat yourself to a fantastic blowout service. As well as this you can enjoy professionally executed colour, a stylish new cut, friendly service and even a free glass of wine or coffee! If you were after a free consultation with one of our skilled stylist then feel free to pop in or alternatively, you can book an appointment online.


Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment

The FIRST smoothing service that is customizable to meet each individual client’s needs. This treatment will soften and smooth the hair structure whilst also enhancing body and movement to give total STYLE FLEXIBILITY.


The Kerasilk Keratin in-salon smoothing treatment has been developed with new innovative Kerashape technology combined with precious silk and keratin proteins to give Long-Lasting, Transforming results for up to 5 months.

Time: This service lasts up to 5 months, but you will need to make sure you have plenty of time to spare when you visit us. Like most services, short hair is a lot quicker whilst medium to long hair can take longer. If you have long, thick hair especially, this treatment can take up to 3 hours to complete. A great amount of time to have tea, coffee (maybe a wine), enjoy some of Epic’s favourite Caramelized Lotus Biscuits and browse through the latest Magazines. We offer Ipads as well as free WiFi so we have you covered.

Maintenance: It is essential for the longevity and to maintain the overall look and feel of your newly refined hair to take home the Kerasilk Shampoo and Daily Intense Mask (conditioner). This way you are continuously packing the Keratin and Silk Proteins into your locks. These products have the KeraShape Technology that supports the Keratin Treatment.

Cost: Epic Hair Designs offers the best price for a KKT throughout Brisbane with our highly trained staff available at 8 different locations: Kenmore, Newmarket, Springfield Lakes, Mount Gravatt, Bardon, Cannon Hill, Milton and Norman Park


COMPLETELY SAFE system using 0% formaldehyde.

The Result

  • Makes your unruly, frizzy hair manageable
  • Softens your waves and smoothes your overall hair structure
  • Enhances body and Movement
  • Reduces you daily styling time
  • Long lasting
  • Humidity Resistant

No Limitations

CAN shampoo hair after treatment

CAN colour on the same day

CAN tie up after treatment

Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment Pricing

Short – $279

Medium – $299

Long – $309

Extra Long – $ 329






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Scalp Specialist

scalpOur Scalp Specialist treatment is perfect for all your scalp concerns. You will instantly feel and see the benefits of this treatment. Formulated with Lime-tree blossom extract to soothe and calm inflammation, plus Panthenol to hydrate and alleviate feelings of tension. This mask is colourant, fragrance and preservative free and leaves hair silky soft, smooth and glossy, whilst the scalp is calmed and soothed.


mor1Our Moroccan oil Masks are 5-7 minute treatments which specialize in repairing and hydrating hair.

mor2The Restorative Mask formula is rich in argon oil and vegetable proteins which penetrate deeply to rebuild hair’s strength and restores elasticity. The Hydrating Mask also an argon oil rich treatment which hydrates and conditions dryness to improve texture, elasticity, shine and manageability.

Colour Lock

Sign LogoGoldwell Colour Lock Serum is our most popular treatment and highly recommended after every colour service. It instantly locks in your colour to prevent fading, intensifies colour brilliance, extra shine and provides nourishing care to your hair. The Goldwell Colour lock serums take 30 second to apply and are a leave in treatment that prolonged colour retention up to 22 washes.

gold_repairThere are four different serums to accommodate all hair types. Colour which is weightless and great for fine hair types. Colour Extra Rich for your more course hair. Blondes and Highlights which has that extra nourishing and Rich Repair perfect for dry stressed hair.