The Hottest Blondes Are Cool

By Katie Norbury - 11 Aug 2016

Our colour provider, Goldwell has released their new Cool Blondes collection and it is hot! If you’ve been considering going blonde, now is your time to give it a try, there’s a shade to suit everyone. Head into any of our eight salons Brisbane wide for a free consultation on which blonde is right for you.


Brassy blondes and yellow highlights are out, it’s all about the sophistication and the elegance a cool blonde look brings.

Goldwell and Epic Hair Designs are introducing four new blonde services:


The Natural Shading Service

This service is a more subtle natural blonde look with “cool blondes in different dimensions, shades and tones.” This can be a transition from brunette to blonde.



Multi Shading Service

This technique encompasses both soft tones and deep shadows to create a natural cool blonde look. If you’re all about that natural look, this is the technique for you!



Soft Shading Service

Similar to the Multi Shading Service, this hair technique also uses subtle shadows but also uses soft dimensions to achieve the desired style.



Deep Shading Service

Not ready to enter the blonde world 100% just yet? Try the deep shading service. These cool blonde tones work beautifully on darker hair and are great if you aren’t ready to commit to the blond life just yet.


Take a huge step away from yellowy blonde hair, this season the hottest blondes are cool. Book online now and begin your cool blonde journey.

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